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Prospects for a classics major?

Hey folks! Real talk: I'm considering majoring in classics, but I'm not exactly sure about the career prospects or if it would be respected in the college app process. Can anyone who's taken this path share their experience or give advice on what you can really do with such a major?

7 months ago

Hello there! Your question about majoring in classics is a great one, and it's an area of study that many students find fulfilling. In terms of career prospects, classics majors often go into fields like education, museum curation, archival work, or even continue their education in law or business thanks to their strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Careers aren't limited to humanities-related fields, though; many employers appreciate the soft skills that a classics major can bring to their organization.

Regarding respect in the college application process, a strong passion for classics can certainly enhance your application, especially if you’re able to articulate why it matters to you and how you’ve explored this interest. This might also be your 'spike' if you've had significant achievements in this area. Perhaps you've excelled in Latin competitions, done relevant volunteer work, or even started a related club at school. This specialized interest could help you stand out among applicants.

7 months ago

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