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Is it possible to register for the SAT after the deadline has passed?

Oops, I missed the registration deadline for the upcoming SAT. Is there any way I can still sit for the exam, or do I have to wait for the next available date? Are there late fees?

7 months ago

Oh no, missing a deadline can definitely cause some stress, but don't worry, you still have options. The College Board does offer a late registration period for the SAT, which usually extends about two weeks past the regular deadline. However, registering during this period does incur additional late fees.

If the late registration deadline has also passed, there is something called the 'waitlist status' you could consider. This option allows you to show up on test day and potentially fill in for no-shows, but it's not guaranteed that you'll be able to take the test, and it also carries an extra fee.

Keep in mind that being on the waitlist does not ensure you a spot, so it's sort of a last resort. It’s important to sign up for these as soon as possible because even these options have deadlines and are dependent on the availability of materials and space at testing centers.

7 months ago

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