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Majoring in Animal Science at an HBCU - where to start?

Alright peeps, I'm super passionate about animal science and I've heard some HBCUs offer great programs. Could anyone recommend some HBCUs with solid animal science majors? I'm trying to compare programs and figure out which campuses have the best resources and opportunities for research. If you’re currently studying this major at an HBCU, what’s it like? Thanks in advance for the help!

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear about your passion for animal science! HBCUs provide unique educational experiences and some indeed offer robust programs in your field of interest. For instance, Tuskegee University is renowned for its College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences, which provides strong opportunities in animal science. Additionally, North Carolina A&T State University has an excellent Department of Animal Sciences that could be a good fit.

I recommend starting by visiting the schools' websites to review faculty profiles, research initiatives, and resources like farms or laboratories. Attending open houses or visiting campus can give you a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities available at these HBCUs.

Lastly, reach out to current students or alumni via forums or the university's contact system; firsthand experiences can be incredibly insightful.

7 months ago

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