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How to get involved with HBCU First mentoring programs?

Hey guys, I’m a junior looking into mentorship opportunities and I've learned about mentoring programs like HBCU First. I'm curious about how to get involved and what the benefits are. If you've been a part of this program or something similar, how did it help you in your college journey?

7 months ago

Getting involved with HBCU First mentoring programs is a great opportunity for personal growth and college preparation. To get involved, start by visiting the HBCU First website and look for any application guidelines or contact information. Reach out directly to express your interest and ask how you can become a mentee.

The benefits of such programs include guidance from college students or professionals, which can offer insight into the college experience, particularly at HBCUs, and help you build a strong network. Mentoring can significantly boost students’ confidence in their college applications by providing support and direct advice from those who've successfully navigated the process. It’s truly a valuable experience that can make a difference in your college journey.

7 months ago

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