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Can colleges see all my SAT attempts?

Hey everyone, just a bit stressed here thinking about my SAT scores. I've taken the SAT a few times to improve my score, but I'm worried about how it looks to colleges. Can colleges actually see every single time I've sat for the SAT, or do they only see the scores I choose to send them? Thanks!

7 months ago

I understand the stress surrounding SAT scores and how they're reported. The good news is that most colleges honor the College Board's Score Choice policy, which allows students to choose which SAT scores to send to colleges. If a college subscribes to this policy, you can select your best SAT test date scores to send, and the schools will only see those.

However, some schools require you to send all your test scores. They do something called 'superscoring,' which involves considering your highest scores from each section across all your test sittings. If you're applying to colleges that require all of your scores, remember that admissions officers understand that students take these tests multiple times and they're looking for general score improvement, which can actually reflect positively on your work ethic and determination.

Always check each college's testing policy on their admissions page to be sure what their requirements are and plan accordingly. And keep in mind, many schools have become test-optional, meaning SAT scores are not required at all. This can alleviate some of the stress if you feel your scores don't accurately represent your academic ability.

7 months ago

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