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What’s it like to be on a step team at an HBCU?

Hey guys! I'm super into dance and heard that step teams are a big deal at HBCUs. Can anyone share their experience of being on a step team? How's the community, practice schedule, and performance opportunities?

7 months ago

Hey there! For many students, being on a step team is a vibrant and energetic experience! The community is super tight-knit—team members form a bond that feels more like family than teammates. They spend a lot of time together, not just at practice but also at social events and community service activities.

As for practice, it's a significant commitment. The teams often practice several times a week, and the sessions can last a few hours each as they prepare for shows and competitions. It can be pretty intense, especially close to performance dates. Speaking of, the performance opportunities are fantastic! They get to showcase their talent at campus events, sports games, and they often compete in regional and national step shows.

Students love going to see the performances because the energy and creativity are just phenomenal. It's a big part of HBCU culture and creates memories that last a lifetime. If you're into dance and love the idea of being part of a welcoming and dedicated community, trying out for a step team could be an amazing experience!

7 months ago

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