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How do I print my SAT admission ticket?

I've got my SAT coming up soon, and it just hit me that I have no idea how to print out my admission ticket. Could someone walk me through the process? Is it all right if it's printed in black and white?

7 months ago

Absolutely, I'd be happy to help guide you through printing your SAT admission ticket! First, you'll need to log in to your College Board account on their official website. Once you're logged in, look for the SAT section and there should be a link for 'My SAT.'

Navigate to this section, and you'll find another link that says 'Print Admission Ticket.' Click that and ensure your printer is connected and ready. It's perfectly fine to print the admission ticket in black and white as long as the photo and your information are clearly visible.

Double-check to ensure that your name on the admission ticket matches the name on your photo ID exactly—this is crucial for your test day admission. Before you print, make sure your printer has enough ink and paper, and it's always a good idea to print an extra copy just in case. Good luck with your SAT!

7 months ago

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