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Guidance needed on fundraising for HBCU attendance?

Hi all, I'm keen on going to an HBCU, but finances are tight. I've heard of students fundraising to cover college expenses. Any suggestions on how to start a fundraiser for college tuition, specifically for HBCUs?

7 months ago

Hello! I understand the financial stress of college expenses, and it's wonderful you're aiming for an HBCU education. Work on creating a compelling narrative around your desire to attend an HBCU and how it aligns with your long-term goals.

You could start with a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GoFundMe, where you can share your story widely. Inform your support system—family, friends, community members—about your campaign and ask for their support in spreading the word. Do make sure to check each platform's guidelines to ensure your fundraiser aligns with their rules.

Additionally, look into scholarships specifically for HBCU students; there are several organizations and programs dedicated to helping students fund their education at HBCUs. Keep an eye on your HBCU's financial aid office as well, they might have resources or emergency funds available for students in need.

Lastly, engage with alumni from your target HBCU; often, they can provide both financial support and advice on navigating this journey. Best of luck with your fundraising—the sense of community and support found in HBCUs can be a powerful story to share in your campaign!

7 months ago

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