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Does anyone have experience with the HBCU Royal Court?

Hey everyone! I'm just curious about the HBCU Royal Court experience. Like, how much of a time commitment is it, and what kind of activities or responsibilities come with it? If you've been part of your school's Royal Court, what did you do, and how did it impact your college experience?

7 months ago

Hello! For many students, the Royal Court can be quite an enriching experience. The time commitment can be significant, as students are often required to attend various school events, contribute to community outreach programs, and participate in planning campus activities. Students sometimes liken the experience to a part-time job, with the number of hours dedicated weekly sometimes reaching 15 to 20 hours, especially around major events like homecoming.

The Royal Court experience helps many students develop strong leadership and time management skills. It can also grow your network tremendously and can grant you a chance to represent your institution. It can certainly add to your college experience not just by giving you a platform to lead and engage, but also by enhancing your resume. If you're considering it and have the time to commit, I’d say it's worth exploring!

7 months ago

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