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Applying to HBCUs without an application fee?

Money is tight and I'm trying to save where I can during the college app process. Can someone point me towards HBCUs that don't charge an application fee, or have fee waivers? Any tips for the application process where I can save some cash would be greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

I completely understand the need to economize during the college application journey. It's great that you're looking into HBCUs, and the good news is that some do offer no application fee or have fee waiver options.

For instance, Harris-Stowe State University and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania have no application fee. Additionally, keep an eye out for special promotional periods during which colleges may waive their application fees, often during college fairs or certain weeks of the year, like 'College Application Week.'

When it comes to fee waivers, I suggest checking with each institution's admissions page or reaching out to the admissions office directly. They're typically very helpful and can guide you on how to qualify for a waiver.

Remember to also consider other areas for savings, like sending scores or transcripts, by looking for institutions that allow self-reported grades and test scores during application, with official documents required only upon admission. Wishing you the best in streamlining your application process and finding the right fit for your education.

7 months ago

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