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Does Stanford conduct interviews with all applicants?

Stanford is my dream school and I’m super anxious about every detail of the application. I’ve been prepping for a potential interview but then read somewhere that not all applicants get one. Is this true? Does everyone who applies get an interview or is it only certain candidates?

7 months ago

I understand how the interview process can be a source of anxiety, especially when applying to a dream school like Stanford. To answer your question, not all applicants are offered an interview. Stanford offers optional alumni interviews to applicants, but these are contingent on the availability of alumni volunteers in your area.

If you are offered one, it's a great opportunity to learn more about the school and to share more about your interests and experiences. However, if you are not offered an interview, do not be discouraged. The absence of an interview will not negatively impact your application. Focus on making the other components of your application as strong as possible, particularly your essays and letters of recommendation. Best of luck to you in your application to Stanford!

7 months ago

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