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Looking for HBCUs with sports medicine programs - any recommendations?

Hey everyone, I'm hoping to major in sports medicine and I’m aiming for an HBCU. Anybody here know which HBCUs excel in sports medicine and related fields? Insight on faculty, resources, and linkage to athletic departments would be super helpful.

7 months ago

For HBCUs with strong sports medicine programs, I’d recommend taking a look at Howard University. They have a well-established Human Performance and Leisure Studies department that could offer exactly what you're seeking. Another institution to consider is Hampton University; their Department of Physical Therapy offers sports medicine related degrees and has excellent facilities.

Additionally, Florida A&M University offers a Health Science program that focuses on various aspects of sports medicine. Each of these schools has a rich tradition of supporting their athletic departments, which could provide you with hands-on experience and valuable networking opportunities. When researching, you can reach out to their admissions or program coordinators for more specific information about faculty, resources, and connections to athletics. Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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