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How much does the computer science essay impact admissions?

Hey everyone, I'm working on my college apps and I'm stressing over the essay, especially for CS programs I'm applying to. How important is the computer science essay in comparison to other parts of the application like GPA and test scores? Do admissions officers expect any particular topics or a demonstration of programming experience in it? Would really appreciate some guidance!

7 months ago

Essay writing is indeed a significant aspect of your application, especially for competitive fields like computer science. While your GPA and test scores are critical in showcasing your academic preparedness, the essay provides admissions officers with insight into your personality, drive, and fit within their program. It can often be the deciding factor between two applicants with similar academic profiles.

In terms of topics, you don't necessarily need to write about programming experience, though including it could highlight your dedication and skill in the field. What's more important is writing something personal and meaningful to you that reflects your passion for computer science.

Whether it's a project you've worked on, an issue in tech that excites you, or a unique perspective you bring to the subject, your essay should convey your enthusiasm and how you intend to contribute to the field.

Remember, they are looking for individuals who will excel in their program and beyond, so offering insight into why computer science resonates with you personally will make your application stand out. Be authentic, and let your excitement for the subject shine through in your writing.

7 months ago

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