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What’s the deal with hazing at HBCUs?

So I've been checking out college cultures and I'm considering HBCUs, but I've come across a few concerning stories about hazing. I know it's not at every school, but can anyone share how their HBCU addresses this? Looking for a safe, inclusive environment where I can grow academically and socially.

7 months ago

It's important to address concerns like hazing directly, so calling attention to it is a wise move. HBCUs, like all institutions, are subject to federal laws like the Anti-Hazing Act that mandate safety measures and reporting on such incidents. Each HBCU has its policies and educational programs geared towards preventing hazing and promoting a safe campus environment. You can typically find these outlined on their websites under student affairs or campus life sections.

A good step would be to reach out directly to the student affairs office at the HBCUs you're considering and ask about their specific anti-hazing policies and support systems. Often, they can provide you with resources, information on past incidents and how they were handled, and statistics that can give you a better understanding of the campus climate. Remember, while concerning stories do surface, they don't always represent the majority experience, and many students find a strong, positive, and inclusive community at HBCUs.

7 months ago

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