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Are there any memorable college essays about family that stood out to admissions?

I’m thinking of writing my college essay about my family dynamics and how they’ve shaped me. I've heard that essays about family can be cliché, but it’s something that’s really important to me. Does anyone know examples of family-centric essays that really made an impression on admissions officers? Looking for inspiration. Thanks a bunch!

7 months ago

Essays that delve into family dynamics can indeed be profound if you approach them with specificity and insight, rather than generalizations. For inspiration, consider essays that unpack a single, defining family event or delve into a unique family tradition.

When tackling your own family-centric essay, focus on such moments that offer a nuanced insight into who you are. The more specific you can be about your experiences and what they've taught you, the more you'll stand out.

7 months ago

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