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How to increase my chances for Case Western Reserve University Merit Scholarships?

As I'm putting together my application for Case Western, I'm a little anxious about the financial part. I've heard about their merit scholarships and was wondering if there are specific things I should do or highlight to increase my chances of getting one. Any advice from people who secured a merit scholarship?

7 months ago

First off, make sure your application truly showcases your standout achievements – be it academic excellence or exceptional extracurricular involvement. Since Case Western values research and innovation, highlighting any research projects or unique initiatives you've led can be very beneficial.

Additionally, don't hesitate to have a teacher or mentor who knows your work ethic and accomplishments write a strong letter of recommendation. They provide valuable third-party insight that can enhance your application.

Lastly, ensure your essays are personal and clearly articulate your passions and how attending Case Western aligns with your future goals. By conveying your sincere interest in the university and demonstrating how you can contribute to their community, you may increase your chances of being considered for their merit scholarships. Wishing you the best of luck – remember that a thoughtful and well-prepared application can really make a difference!

7 months ago

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