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Finding Intern Jobs for High School Students

Feeling a bit stressed because I want to get work experience before I graduate. Does anybody know where to look for intern jobs that accept high school students?

7 months ago

Absolutely understand the stress, and it's a great initiative to seek work experience early on. Finding an internship in high school can certainly set you apart. Firstly, check with your school's career center or guidance office, as they often have partnerships or resources for student placements. Also, directly reach out to local businesses and organizations in fields you're interested in – they might not have formal programs, but may be willing to take on a motivated high school intern.

Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn can also be surprisingly useful; use keywords such as 'high school intern' to refine your search. Don't overlook the power of networking; talk to family, friends, and community members about your interest because sometimes opportunities come from unexpected places. And remember, any work experience, even part-time jobs, can be valuable and teach transferable skills, so consider those as well. Stay persistent, the right opportunity will come along!

7 months ago

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