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How do Psych Masters programs view PSAT scores?

Hey guys, I’m already thinking ahead about grad school for psychology, and I'm curious if anyone knows whether psych masters programs consider your PSAT scores at all or is it just undergrad that looks at those?

7 months ago

Graduate programs, including those for a Master's in Psychology, do not consider PSAT scores in their admissions process. The PSAT is strictly a preparatory test for the SAT, which in turn is used for undergraduate admissions. Grad school applications typically focus on your undergraduate GPA, any relevant professional or research experience, your GRE scores (if required), personal statements, and recommendation letters.

If you’re already considering grad school, the best thing you can do at this stage is to focus on excelling in your college coursework, gaining experience in the field of psychology through internships or research, and building strong relationships with mentors who can provide compelling recommendations.

Consider also preparing for the GRE if your prospective programs require it, as that will be the standardized test score that will play a role in your admissions process for graduate psychology programs.

7 months ago

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