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How to approach SAT grid-ins math questions?

Math isn't exactly my strong suit and the grid-in questions on the SAT always trip me up. Does anyone have good strategies or tips for tackling these non-multiple-choice math problems?

7 months ago

Absolutely! Grid-ins can seem intimidating, but with the right approach, they can become a bit easier. First thing's first, always make sure you're reading the problem carefully and understanding exactly what it's asking. It's not uncommon for students to make mistakes by misinterpreting the question. Secondly, don't be afraid to write out your work on the test booklet. Space is provided for a reason, and writing things down can help you think through the problem. Start by solving the easier questions first to build confidence, then return to the trickier ones.

If you find yourself stuck, try working backwards if possible, or plugging in numbers if the question involves algebra. Remember, there's no penalty for guessing, so be sure to fill in an answer for every question. Practice with official SAT practice tests to get familiar with grid-in formats. And lastly, time management is key; don’t spend too long on any single problem. By practicing these strategies, you’ll become more comfortable with grid-ins in no time!

7 months ago

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