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How do HBCU college fairs work?

What's up, everyone? So, I'm a junior starting to look into colleges and I've heard about these HBCU college fairs. Could someone walk me through what to expect at these events? Like, should I bring anything specific, and do I get a chance to talk one-on-one with admissions reps? Any tips for making the most out of these fairs would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Hey there! Think of HBCU college fairs as a gold mine of information about different colleges. You'll usually have a bunch of schools in one place, and you get the chance to chat with admissions representatives. Definitely bring a notebook to jot down notes and maybe a folder to collect any flyers or brochures.

Also, having a few questions prepared in advance can help you engage in meaningful conversations with reps; for example, ask about scholarship opportunities, specific programs of interest, or what they look for in a strong applicant. Don't be shy to talk one-on-one with the reps—it's a great way to make an impression and get direct answers to your questions. Have your high school resume handy if you have one; it can be useful to reference your academics and extracurriculars during conversations.

My biggest tip: follow up after the fair by sending a thank you email to the reps you spoke with, expressing your continued interest and including something specific from your conversation to help them remember you. Good luck, and have fun exploring your options!

7 months ago

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