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Do HBCUs offer competitive swimming programs?

I'm a junior and a competitive swimmer trying to figure out what my college options are. I really admire HBCUs for their cultural and educational impact, but I can't find much information on their athletic programs, specifically swimming. Are there HBCUs with strong swimming teams, and how might one get recruited there?

7 months ago

Hello there! I can see how HBCUs' strong sense of community and rich heritage appeal to you as a student-athlete. While HBCUs are celebrated for their commitment to diversity and cultural empowerment, their athletic programs can sometimes fly under the radar. In terms of competitive swimming, it's true that not all HBCUs have swimming programs. However, there are certainly options available!

Howard University, for instance, has had a notable swimming team. To get recruited, start by highlighting your swimming achievements in a sports resume and send it to the coaches at the HBCUs that interest you. Make sure to include your race times, championship participations, and any records you may hold. Reach out early and express your specific interest in their institution—coaches are often keen on athletes who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for their program. Additionally, attend college swimming camps and showcases where HBCU coaches might be present. Lastly, don't hesitate to leverage your high school swimming coach's network as they may have connections to collegiate programs. Good luck with your search and future swimming career!

7 months ago

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