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Impact of 8th Grade Grades on High School?

Hey everyone, I've been wondering, do middle school grades matter for high school placement or high school GPA calculations? I heard conflicting information about this, and I'm not sure how much effort I should be putting into my 8th-grade classes if they don't count towards high school.

7 months ago

Hello there! Generally speaking, most high schools start with a clean slate when it comes to your GPA; your 8th-grade marks typically don't count towards your high school GPA. That being said, some high schools do consider your 8th-grade coursework and grades, especially for placement in advanced or honors classes. For example, some high schools look at students' 8th-grade math grades to decide if they start off freshman year in Algebra 1 or if they go straight to Geometry.

Also, getting into good habits now with studying and time management can really give you a head start for high school. It can be a significant jump in expectations and workload, so it's great to be prepared. Lastly, if you're aiming for a very competitive high school or a magnet program, 8th-grade performance might be more important as it can impact admissions decisions.

However, for most traditional high school paths, it's more about setting yourself up for success with good habits and a strong foundation. So, while it's good to do well, don't overly stress about these grades in terms of your long-term GPA, focus more on developing the skills you'll need to excel in high school.

7 months ago

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