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Which HBCUs accept the Common App, and should I consider them?

So I've started looking into my college application list, and I'm thinking HBCUs could be a good fit for me. Can someone drop a list of HBCUs that take the Common App? And if you've applied, what was your experience like? I'm trying to get a sense of the community and opportunities they offer before I make my choice.

7 months ago

Certainly! A number of HBCUs do accept the Common Application, which makes it more convenient to apply to multiple schools with a single set of materials. Prominent HBCUs on the Common App include Howard University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Tuskegee University, among others.

As for considering HBCUs, they're known for their supportive communities and rich cultural legacies. They often provide a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and heritage, which can be empowering and inspiring. Alumni networks are particularly strong, frequently aiding graduates in career advancement.

Each HBCU has its own unique set of opportunities and atmosphere, so I'd recommend visiting the campuses, if possible, to get a true feel for the place. You might also want to reach out directly to current students or alumni to hear first-hand about their experiences. It's an exciting decision to make, and exploring all your options, including HBCUs, is a great way to find the best fit for your college journey.

7 months ago

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