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Looking for inspiration: any good essay prose examples for college apps?

Morning, friends! I'm trying to improve my essay writing style and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some high-quality prose examples from successful college app essays. I need some inspiration!

7 months ago

Hello! Seeking inspiration is a wonderful step in crafting a strong essay. While I cannot directly provide you with successful essays due to privacy and ethical considerations, resources such as anthologies of successful college essays are available at most bookstores or libraries. Furthermore, you might find that many universities publish a selection of favored admissions essays on their websites as examples for prospective students.

For instance, Johns Hopkins University provides a few admissions essays they found impressive. When looking through these resources, pay attention to the style, narrative structure, and the way the authors convey their unique voice and personality. This will give you a good sense of direction for your own essay. Remember, it's important that your essay reflects your genuine voice and experiences, so use these examples as a guide rather than a template to emulate. Good luck with your writing process!

7 months ago

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