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Is the personal statement really optional for Clemson?

Hey everyone! I'm working on my Clemson app and I saw that the personal statement is 'optional'. Is it actually optional? Will it hurt my application if I don't submit one? I don't wanna miss out if it's an unwritten must-do. Anyone got insights?

7 months ago

Hello! When Clemson says the personal statement is optional, they truly mean that it's up to the applicant to decide whether to include it. However, I encourage my students to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase their personality and strengths. If you have experiences, qualities, or insights that haven't been highlighted elsewhere in your application, the personal statement can be a great place to share those. Think of it this way, if two applicants are equally qualified and one has submitted a compelling personal statement while the other has not, the one with the personal statement might have a slight advantage.

That being said, don't submit a rushed or poorly written statement just to submit something. If you choose to write one, make sure it adds value and offers new information about you. In summary, while it won't necessarily hurt your application to skip it, a well-crafted personal statement can potentially enhance your application.

7 months ago

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