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Does Harvard take freshman year grades into account?

I'm a junior currently, and I won't lie—my freshman year was not my best academically. I'm aiming high and wondering if Harvard considers my freshman year grades in the admissions process, or do they focus more on the later years?

7 months ago

Understand your concerns about freshman year grades - it's a common worry for many students aiming for prestigious schools like Harvard. While Harvard doesn't ignore your freshman year grades, they do consider the entirety of your high school academic career. They are indeed interested in an upward trend, which it sounds like you might have if you're stating your freshman year wasn't the strongest. I

f you’ve shown significant improvement since then, that progress can be a positive aspect of your application, especially if your grades later on are truly exceptional. Admissions officers are aware that the transition to high school can be challenging, and they do take into account how students grow over time. So, make sure to continue to excel in your junior year and take challenging courses to showcase your current abilities.

Also, remember that Harvard looks at the whole application, including your essays, recommendations, and extracurriculars, to gain a full picture of who you are as a candidate. So, focus on your strengths and continue your hard work!

7 months ago

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