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What are the chances of getting a volleyball scholarship at an HBCU?

Hey guys, junior here getting a tad stressed about college costs and my chances of snagging a sports scholarship. I've been playing volleyball for my high school team and with a club practically year-round. Does anyone know how volleyball scholarships at HBCUs work? Like, how competitive is it and what should I be doing now to up my chances?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's fantastic that you're considering HBCUs and looking into sports scholarships as an option to help with college costs. Volleyball scholarships at HBCUs, like at any college, can be quite competitive, but your year-round play is definitely a step in the right direction.

To increase your chances, I'd recommend continuing to excel in your sport, both at high school and in your club. Make sure your coaches know about your college ambitions, as they can be crucial advocates for you and might help with networking. Also, keep an eye on NCAA eligibility requirements and maintain strong academics to ensure you meet scholarship criteria. Additionally, consider attending volleyball camps at the HBCUs you're interested in, as this can give you exposure to their coaches.

Lastly, start compiling a sports resume and highlight reel of your play to share with college coaches. Best of luck, and remember, your hard work on and off the court will be your best asset.

7 months ago

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