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How to best prep for the SAT math section?

I'm kinda stressing over the SAT math section. Would love to hear from folks who did well, what’s your secret? Any particular study habits, resources or mindset that you found useful? I want to improve in this area but not sure where to focus my efforts. Help a fellow student out, will ya?

7 months ago

As someone who watched their kid go through the SAT gauntlet not long ago, I'd be happy to share what worked for them.

First off, practice is key. They started by taking a full-length practice test to identify weak areas. Once those were pinpointed, they focused on those topics using Khan Academy, which is free and quite comprehensive. Weekends were dedicated to timed practice sections, which helped with pacing – highly recommend this approach. They also made a habit of reviewing every single mistake they made because figuring out where you went wrong is crucial for not repeating those errors. We also invested in the College Board's official SAT study guide and found that the practice tests there were the most similar to the actual SAT, so definitely worth a try. Finally, consistency was their mantra; they studied a little bit every day instead of cramming, which seemed to really solidify the concepts.

And on a mindset note, they kept a positive attitude and regularly visualized success, which might sound a bit out there, but hey, confidence does wonders in a testing situation! Just remind yourself that every problem has a solution, and with enough practice, you'll know how to find it. Best of luck – you've got this!

7 months ago

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