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BA vs BS in Computer Science: Which is better for tech jobs?

Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between a BA and a BS in Computer Science and I'm not sure which one is more valued in the tech industry. Does one have a significant advantage over the other when it comes to job prospects or internships?

7 months ago

In the tech industry, employers typically focus on your skills, projects, and work experience rather than whether your degree is a BA or BS in Computer Science. The difference between the two often lies in the number of technical or science courses required; a BS may have more math and science prerequisites and co-requisites, while a BA might offer more flexibility with electives and a broader educational experience.

As for job prospects, what will often matter more is your practical experience—internships, personal projects, contributions to open-source, etc. For internships, they're looking at your ability to code, your problem-solving skills, and how you work on a team. So, whether you pursue a BA or BS, be proactive about gaining hands-on experience. For example, if you opt for a BA, you could supplement the potentially less technical curriculum by participating in hackathons, doing internships, or working on personal software projects to showcase your technical abilities.

Remember that demonstrating your CS skills can, at times, outweigh the type of degree you have when it comes to tech jobs.

7 months ago

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