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Will I be at a disadvantage if I don't submit my SAT scores?

I've got a pretty solid GPA and extracurricular activities, but my SAT scores are not as high as I’d hoped. With many colleges being test-optional now, will it hurt my application chances if I choose not to submit my SAT scores? I’m leaning towards not including them, but I'm worried about regretting that decision.

7 months ago

It's understandable to feel uncertain about whether to submit your SAT scores. Here's the reality: if your scores are significantly below the average range for admitted students at your target schools, it may be in your best interest not to include them. Colleges offering test-optional policies are genuinely prepared to assess your application holistically without test scores. That said, if your scores are within or close to the lower end of the school's middle 50% score range, submitting them could still show a level of readiness for college-level work.

Given that your GPA and extracurriculars are solid, these aspects of your application can speak volumes about your abilities and commitment. Admissions committees place significant weight on consistent academic performance and depth of involvement in extracurriculars. If you're applying to highly selective schools, remember that it's not just about good grades and being well-rounded; colleges are increasingly interested in students who bring a unique 'spike' or specialized talent to their community.

If you choose not to submit your SAT scores, ensure that every other component of your application is as strong as possible—especially your personal essay and recommendation letters. These elements will need to work a bit harder to showcase your potential. If you decide not to submit your scores, don't look back; focus on the strengths of your application and convey your story compellingly. In the end, colleges are looking for a complete narrative of who you are, not just a number.

7 months ago

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