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Best PSAT prep tips for someone with a busy schedule?

Juggling a lot here with extracurriculars and AP classes, but I really want to do well on the PSAT. Does anyone have any proven study tips or strategies that work well when you're short on time?

7 months ago

Balancing a busy schedule can certainly make test prep more challenging, but with a few strategic approaches, you can optimize the time you do have. Start by identifying your weaknesses through a diagnostic PSAT or using your results from a previous PSAT. Once you know what areas need the most work, allocate your study sessions to focus more heavily on those.

Try to integrate PSAT prep into your daily routine—for instance, practice a few questions each morning or during lunch. Flashcards can be a great tool for studying on the go, especially for vocabulary and quick math review. Also, take advantage of online resources and apps that allow you to study in shorter, focused bursts.

Since you're taking AP classes, drawing connections between your coursework and PSAT questions can also be beneficial, as some of the skills overlap, such as critical reading and data interpretation. Lastly, remember quality over quantity; so even short, concentrated study sessions can be effective if you are focused and purposeful. You've got this!

7 months ago

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