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Being wrongly accused of cheating on the SAT/ACT—what should I do?

This is a nightmare, guys. I got a letter accusing me of cheating on the SAT, but I swear I didn't do anything wrong. Has this happened to anyone else? What are the steps I should take to clear this up? I'm really worried this could mess up my college applications.

7 months ago

I'm truly sorry to hear that you're facing this unexpected challenge. The first step is to carefully read the letter from the SAT agency to understand the basis for their accusation. Respond to them promptly, and use this opportunity to present any evidence or information that supports your innocence. Gather things like seating charts, names of proctors, and any other details about your test day that can help your case. It's also crucial to communicate with the colleges you're applying to—honesty is your best policy. Inform them of the situation and assure them that you're taking all necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Remember, these situations, though stressful, can often be sorted out with clear communication and proper documentation. Keep a record of all interactions regarding this matter, as this can be beneficial if you need to escalate your case. Stay persistent and thorough throughout the process.

7 months ago

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