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If you get deferred from an early decision application, is the decision still binding?

Submitted an ED application and got deferred (ouch). Just wondering, if I'm fortunate enough to get accepted during the regular round, am I still bound to attend, or can I consider other offers?

7 months ago

Good question. Once you've been deferred from Early Decision (ED), the binding commitment is essentially nullified. Early Decision is only binding if you are accepted in the early round. Since you've been deferred, you're now part of the regular admissions pool, and should you be accepted during the regular round, you have no binding obligation to attend that institution. You are completely free to consider and compare other offers.

It's important, however, to keep in mind that you should continue to show interest in the institution that deferred you if you are still interested in attending. Reach out if you have significant updates (high first semester grades, a notable extracurricular achievement, etc) or an impactful letter of continued interest that you could submit. And of course, make sure to fulfill any additional requirements the college may ask for from deferred applicants. But at the same time, proceed with your other applications and consider all your options once regular decision notifications arrive. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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