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How is being white at an HBCU?

I'm curious and a bit anxious about the idea of attending an HBCU as a white student. I really admire the history and community aspect of HBCUs but I'm worried about feeling out of place. Has anyone here had any experience with this or knows someone who has? Looking for some honest perspectives!

7 months ago

Hello! As a parent of a student who does not identify as Black but attends an HBCU, I can share a bit of what they've experienced. They've found the community to be incredibly welcoming and they appreciate learning in a space where diversity and inclusion are part of the foundational values. Of course, being in the minority can come with moments of feeling out of place, but these experiences have also been valuable learning opportunities. They've been involved in various campus organizations and have built a strong network of friends.

The key has been going in with an open mind, a respectful attitude, and a willingness to be an active listener and learner. The history and educational mission of HBCUs create a unique and enriching environment for all students, regardless of race. I suggest reaching out to the HBCU you're interested in to talk about your concerns. They may connect you with other non-Black students or alumni who can share their own experiences. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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