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What's the real deal with Division 3 universities and sports?

I'm a junior athlete looking at colleges, and I keep hearing different things about Division 3 universities. Can someone explain what sports life is like at a Div 3 school and if it's compatible with a serious academic focus?

7 months ago

Hey there! My kid is currently at a Division 3 school and loving the balance between sports and academics. At Div 3 schools, sports are competitive, but they aren't the all-encompassing commitment they might be at Div 1 schools.

Athletes are students first, which means no athletic scholarships are offered, and there's a strong emphasis on maintaining good grades and a solid academic record. What's great about this setup is that students can immerse themselves in their sport without it taking over their academic life or their opportunities to engage in other college experiences. Plus, the community and team bonds are strong, since everyone is there for the love of the game rather than the pressure of a scholarship.

There's usually more flexibility for athletes in off-season training and a greater understanding from coaches about academic commitments. For example, my child was able to study abroad during an off-season term, which would have been much harder to do in a Division 1 program.

If you're someone who values your sport but also your academic and extracurricular growth, Division 3 could be a really great fit for you!

7 months ago

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