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Are there any free STEM summer programs specifically for high school students in 2024?

Hey guys, I'm looking to boost my college application and dive deeper into STEM before senior year. I've heard about free summer programs, but I'm not sure which ones are available for 2024. Does anyone know of any free STEM summer programs for high school students that are happening this year? Bonus points if you know how competitive they are or if they provide any college application advantages.

7 months ago

Absolutely, there are several free STEM summer programs for high school students! A fantastic one to consider is the Simons Summer Research Program, which is a prestigious opportunity to conduct hands-on research with professional mentors at Stony Brook University. Another notable program is the Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT, which combines coursework with a research internship. Both are quite competitive and look impressive on college applications due to their selectivity and the depth of learning they offer.

When it comes to college application advantages, participating in these programs can demonstrate your commitment and passion for STEM, as well as provide you with unique experiences to draw upon for your essays and interviews. However, remember that selective programs are just one part of a well-rounded application. A program's impact on your application will depend on what you learn and how you apply it beyond the program itself. Be sure to check the websites of these programs for the most current information and application deadlines. Good luck!

7 months ago

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