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Electrical Engineering at HBCUs?

How's it going, folks? Junior here thinking ahead—does anyone have the lowdown on electrical engineering undergrad programs at HBCUs? What’s the rep, and are there solid research/internship opportunities? I want my college years to be packed with great learning experiences, y'know?

7 months ago

Hey there! My son is studying engineering, not at an HBCU, but at a college known for strong STEM programs, and during his search, we did look into HBCUs.

From what we gathered, programs like the one at North Carolina A&T State University are highly respected with strong research opportunities. HBCUs have a supportive atmosphere and a sense of community that's really uplifting. I'd suggest checking out specific schools, reaching out to admissions, or browsing through their department pages for research opportunities. Many have partnerships with industry leaders, which is perfect for internships. And don’t forget to ask about alumni networks – they can be a goldmine for opportunities and advice. Best of luck in your search – sounds like you're on the right track to a fulfilling college experience!

7 months ago

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