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School club presidents, what are some unique and good club ideas that colleges love to see?

Okay, I’m thinking about starting a new club at my school next year and I want it to be something that colleges will find impressive and unique. Seniors or anyone who’s started a club, could you share what good club ideas have been successful or caught the attention of admissions officers? I’m all for community service and academic clubs, but I’m leaning toward something a bit out-of-the-box!

7 months ago

I admire your initiative to start a new club that stands out—this kind of leadership is indeed valued by colleges. When you say 'unique,' I think about clubs that not only spark interest but also address a real need or gap in your community.

For instance, one student I worked with was passionate about environmental science and realized his school lacked a platform for ecological advocacy. He founded an 'Eco-Innovation Club' that organized local river clean-ups and collaborated with city officials to reduce plastic use in school cafeterias. It combined service with environmental activism and caught the attention of admissions officers for its impact and ingenuity. Another example could be a 'Tech for Seniors' club, where students teach senior citizens how to use technology, bridging the generational divide and enhancing digital literacy.

Remember, the distinctions between Tiers 2 and 3 of extracurricular activities often lie in the leadership roles and the impact you make. So, choose a topic you're genuinely passionate about and where you can demonstrate sustained commitment and real achievements. Whether it’s a club that fosters intergenerational connections, addresses a social issue through technology, or promotes underrepresented arts, make sure it aligns with your interests and has a tangible impact. And of course, do not forget to document the club's activities, achievements, and your role in it, as this will be valuable for your college applications.

7 months ago

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