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Are the Georgetown summer high school programs worth it?

I recently heard about the Georgetown summer high school programs and, as an aspiring political science major, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. But are these programs actually beneficial when it comes to college admissions? Do they prefer students who have completed their summer programs or is it just like any other extracurricular?

7 months ago

Georgetown's summer programs can be a wonderful learning experience and may help you confirm your interest in political science, but it's important to recognize that just attending the program isn't a golden ticket to college admissions. These programs are often seen as 'Tier 3' extracurriculars because they show your interest in a subject, but they don't provide the distinctiveness of 'Tier 1' or 'Tier 2' activities.

Since they're typically fee-based, they don't carry the same weight in admissions as accomplishments that require a competitive selection process or demonstrate exceptional achievement. Admissions committees are aware that not all students can afford such opportunities. However, if you can leverage this experience in a unique way, such as by connecting it to a larger project or initiative, it could strengthen your application. For example, if you attend the program and then organize a community event or start a related club at your school, that shows initiative and can set you apart. It's how you build upon the experience that makes the difference.

When it comes to preference, colleges, including Georgetown, aim to build a diverse class and won't give preference solely because you attended their program. If you do decide to participate, ensure you're doing it for personal and educational growth, not just for the perceived admissions advantage.

7 months ago

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