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Economics for Leaders summer program - worth it for college apps?

Has anyone here done the Economics for Leaders program over the summer? I'm looking into summer programs that could help give my college apps a boost, and I’m interested in econ. Is it a good program, and do colleges look at it favorably? I don't want to invest the time and money unless it's really going to make a difference. Any personal experiences or advice would be super helpful!

7 months ago

In terms of summer programs, it is true that prestigious colleges appreciate when students challenge themselves and engage with their academic interests beyond the classroom. However, not all programs carry the same weight.

The Economics for Leaders program can be a good way to deepen your understanding of economics if you're genuinely interested. From an admissions standpoint, it's more about what you do with the experience. For example, if you can articulate in your essays how the program changed your perspective on economic issues or inspired you to start an initiative at your school or in your community, then it's definitely worthwhile.

On the other hand, simply participating in a summer program like this won't, by itself, significantly tip the scales in your favor. Instead, focus on how the experience contributes to your 'spike' or overarching narrative. If economics is your passion and you have other extracurricular accomplishments in that area (like starting an econ club, participating in related competitions, or conducting independent research), then this program could nicely complement those efforts.

But remember, colleges are looking for depth and genuine interest, not just a checklist of impressive-sounding programs.

7 months ago

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