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Help with SAT Score Report Fee Waivers?

So I’ve heard that you can get fee waivers for sending SAT scores to colleges, but how does that work exactly? Is there a code or something? If anyone has experience with this, some advice would be super appreciated!

7 months ago

Absolutely, you can indeed get SAT score report fee waivers. The College Board offers these waivers to students who are economically disadvantaged and qualify for them based on their guidelines. Typically, you would have received a fee waiver for the SAT itself, if you qualify. This also applies to sending score reports to up to four colleges for free. You don’t need a separate code for this; the waivers are usually connected to your College Board account automatically.

If you've used a fee waiver for the SAT, the option to utilize additional fee waivers for score reports will be available when you log in to send your scores. If you’re unsure whether you have these waivers, check with your counselor who can help confirm your eligibility and guide you on how to proceed. Also, if you've already used your four free score sends that come with the SAT registration, but still need financial assistance, talk to your counselor about requesting additional fee waiver forms from the College Board. They're there to make sure you can apply to college without financial barriers!

7 months ago

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