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What are some high-value electives to take in my last years of high school?

I’m starting to think about my schedule for next year and I want to make sure I’m making the most out of my electives. What are some good high school electives that colleges like to see, or that may prepare me better for college-level coursework?

7 months ago

Every student's interests and college goals are different, but there are certain electives that consistently stand out for their rigor and ability to prepare you for the next level. If you're thinking about STEM fields, courses like Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science or Engineering can not only challenge you but also help demonstrate your readiness for a demanding college curriculum. For humanities-focused students, electives like AP Psychology or AP Art History can show a willingness to engage deeply with a subject.

However, don't underestimate the value of courses like Statistics, which applies to a wide array of fields, or a foreign language at an advanced level, which can make you stand out in a globalized world. Colleges value seeing that you've pursued your interests with depth, and these kinds of electives can often provide an avenue for that. Additionally, if your school offers any dual enrollment classes with local colleges, taking these can show colleges that you're already succeeding at college-level coursework, which is a great sign of your readiness for the academic challenges ahead.

Remember, balance is key; you'll want to make sure you're not overloading yourself to the point of compromising your grades or well-being. Your counselors are here to help you strike that balance and choose electives that will both interest you and impress colleges. Feel free to stop by the counseling office to discuss your options in more detail!

7 months ago

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