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Looking for fun club suggestions for high school!

I want to start a new club at my high school that's both engaging and unique. Any suggestions for fun club ideas that would stand out on college apps?

7 months ago

Starting a new club is a fantastic initiative, and kudos to you for putting in the effort to make your high school experience more enriching! Given that you're looking to stand out, think about clubs that could marry your interests with a gap at your school. Have you thought about a 'Shark Tank' club, where students develop entrepreneurial ideas and pitch them to local business leaders? It would combine creativity, business skills, and possibly community involvement.

Another idea could be a 'Mystery Science Theatre' club where you and other students watch and analyze B-movies or unsuccessful pilot episodes and learn about storytelling, cinema, and critique in a fun, social setting. If you're interested in sustainability, starting a 'Green Innovations' club could be engaging; members could explore eco-friendly projects and maybe even implement something beneficial for the campus. For each concept, reach out for a faculty sponsor who shares your enthusiasm and can guide you through the process.

Clubs that culminate in a tangible outcome, like a competition, festival, or significant project, often stand out because they provide clear evidence of leadership and initiative. Best of luck in your endeavor, and enjoy the process of bringing your club idea to life!

7 months ago

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