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Experience with HBCU masters programs?

I might be a bit early with this, but I'm trying to plan ahead. Has anyone jumped into an HBCU masters program in either education or human resources after undergrad? I'm curious about the quality, networking opportunities, and overall experience. Would, especially love to hear about any experiences with masters in education programs.

7 months ago

Absolutely, planning ahead is smart, especially with grad school on the horizon. While my child is currently an undergrad at an HBCU and isn't in a master's program yet, I've had the chance to interact with many parents and students at family events who've shared their experiences. One parent mentioned their child pursued a master's in education at an HBCU and spoke highly of the supportive environment and how faculty members were not only accessible but truly invested in the students' success.

Also, the networking opportunities through alumni events and professional connections the school facilitated seemed to be a standout advantage. This particular student ended up getting some incredible internship opportunities that led to a job offer before graduation. Now, every HBCU will have its own unique environment and opportunities, so I'd recommend reaching out directly to the departments you're interested in and even asking if they can connect you with current students or alumni. That way, you can get a firsthand account of what to expect.

If you can visit the campus and possibly sit in on a grad class, that's even better. It can provide an amazing insight into both the academic rigor and the atmosphere of the program. Hope this helps, and good luck as you explore your options!

7 months ago

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