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How does my cumulative GPA affect my college apps?

I need some advice! I was slacking off a bit during freshman year, and now my cumulative GPA isn’t as high as I’d like it. Does anyone know how much weight colleges put on the cumulative GPA versus improvement over time? Should I address the upward trend in my application or let my transcript speak for itself?

7 months ago

The cumulative GPA is undoubtedly an essential factor in college admissions, as it's a reflection of your academic performance over time. That being said, an upward trend is also highly regarded by admissions committees because it demonstrates resilience and a growing commitment to your studies. It's definitely worthwhile to address this improvement in your application. When discussing your academic journey, use specific examples to illustrate what changes you made to turn things around and highlight how these changes not only improved your grades but also equipped you with better study habits or time management skills.

Admissions officers appreciate seeing that students have learned from past experiences and are now better prepared for the rigorous academic environment of college. It can be mentioned in the additional information section or indirectly through your recommenders if they've witnessed your turnaround and can speak to your growth. Remember, while GPA is important, it isn’t the sole aspect of your application, so continue to focus on your strengths and the unique qualities you can bring to a college campus.

7 months ago

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