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Hardest class experiences for college prep?

Hey guys, currently stressing out about my schedule for senior year. I’ve heard that colleges like seeing students challenging themselves, so for those who’ve been through it, what’s the absolute hardest class you’ve taken in high school? How did you manage, and how did colleges view it? I’m wondering if pushing myself into the hardest classes available is the move or if it’s better to take a balanced course load that I know I can manage. Thoughts?

7 months ago

Every student's experience with course difficulty will differ, but many find Advanced Placement (AP) classes such as AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, or AP Calculus BC to be among the more challenging due to the depth of material covered and the pace of the curriculum. The key to managing tough courses is organization and proactive study habits. Create a realistic schedule that allows ample time for review and practice, and don't hesitate to seek help from your teacher or tutor if needed.

As for how colleges view it, they definitely appreciate students who challenge themselves, but not at the cost of their GPA. It's important to strike a balance. If you excel in a subject and enjoy it, taking that AP or IB course could be beneficial. Colleges look for students who take rigorous courses, but they also want to see that you can perform well in them. Remember that your mental health is also crucial, so choose a schedule that is ambitious yet manageable for you.

7 months ago

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