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What are some sample interview questions and answers for college admissions?

Hello! I'm prepping for college interviews and feeling a bit nervous. Can anyone share sample questions they were asked and how they answered them? Any tips for what colleges might be looking for in my responses would be amazing.

7 months ago

Absolutely, happy to help you prepare for your college interviews. Common questions can often include 'Why are you interested in our college?' and 'What can you contribute to our campus community?'

For the first question, you want to share specifics about their programs, resources, or opportunities that align with your interests and goals. For the latter, reflect on your extracurricular involvements and what unique perspectives or skills you bring.

Colleges are looking for thoughtful, authentic responses that demonstrate you've done your homework and are self-aware about your strengths and potential role on campus. Performance in a theatre club, for example, might have honed your public speaking and collaborative skills, which would be beneficial in classroom discussions and group projects at college.

Above all, be yourself and let your genuine interest and passion come through. Practice answering these with a family member or a mentor to get more comfortable with articulating your thoughts. Good luck!

7 months ago

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