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Online Prep vs Tutoring: Which is More Effective for the SAT?

Guys, I’m torn between choosing an online SAT prep course and personal tutoring. I learn pretty well on my own but also know that a tutor could offer more personalized help. Has anyone tried both, and what worked better for you?

7 months ago

Hey there! The decision really hinges on your learning style and where you stand with your SAT prep. Online courses offer a structured, self-paced approach which could be ideal if you're a disciplined self-learner. They often include lots of practice material and video explanations, which are great for drilling content at your own pace.

On the flip side, a personal tutor can provide targeted feedback, adapt to your learning pace, and tackle specific challenges you might have. For instance, if you struggle with SAT math more than verbal, a tutor can allocate more time to improve that area.

I've seen students succeed with both methods, but those who benefit most from a tutor are usually seeking a tailored approach and have very specific score improvement goals. If you're disciplined and motivated, an online course might be just as effective at a lower cost.

An example I often refer to is a student who used an online course to master test strategies at her pace and only later engaged a tutor to polish up her weaker areas, combining the best of both worlds. Hope this helps you in making an informed decision!

7 months ago

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