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Looking for HBCU Football Classics Experiences

Hey y'all! I'm super interested in the culture of HBCUs and I've heard a lot about the famous HBCU football classics. Can anyone share their experiences attending these games? How do they influence campus life, and do they play any role in the admissions process, like showing demonstrated interest?

7 months ago

Hello! HBCU football classics offer a vibrant, energetic atmosphere that's about so much more than just the game. There's the band, dance lines, tailgating with amazing food, and just an overall sense of community and celebration that's hard to match. It's a time where alumni and current students come together, creating lasting memories and strengthening campus culture.

Regarding admissions, while attending the games is a fun way to engage with the school, it's not explicitly a part of the admissions process like an official university visit might be. Demonstrated interest can be important, but it's more about your actual interaction with the admissions office—think campus tours, interviews, or college fairs.

Still, if you get a chance to mention your experience and genuine interest in your application, it could show that you've engaged with the school beyond just on paper. Good luck on your admissions journey!

7 months ago

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