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Utilizing Fancy Words in Essays: Do they make a difference?

I always hear about the importance of having a good vocab in college essays. Do you all think throwing in some fancy words would make my essays stand out, or is it seen as trying too hard? Any tips on how to balance it without sounding pretentious?

7 months ago

Vocabulary is indeed an important aspect of writing, but it should be used purposefully rather than as a means to impress. Admissions officers can usually tell when a student is using complex words unnecessarily, which can indeed come across as trying too hard or inauthentic. Instead, focus on clarity and how effectively you are conveying your story or ideas.

The best essays are those that are well-written and reflective of your genuine voice. If a more sophisticated word fits naturally and enhances the meaning of your sentence, then it's appropriate to use it. However, never sacrifice clarity for complexity.

Here's a tip: after you've written your essay, read it out loud. This helps to catch any awkward phrases or words that don't sound like you. Remember, the goal of the essay is to communicate your thoughts and experiences clearly and authentically, not to showcase your thesaurus skills. So keep the language natural and your writing will stand out for its sincerity and clarity rather than its verbosity.

7 months ago

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